In 1998, exactly 20 years ago, more than 200 Kenyans and Tanzanians were killed when terrorists attacked US facilities in those countries. More than 4,000 others were injured. Only 12 US lives were lost! 
Those innocent Africans were killed and maimed just because terrorists decided to attack US installations. That is an apprehension for Ghana!
We are surrounded by terrorist cells. Burkina Faso has been hit by terrorists. Not just once. Cote d’Ivoire has been hit by terrorists. With our porous borders Boko Haram is not far from us! 
What makes us think we are so special and Godly-protected that we cannot become a target? 

People forget that there were US soldiers in Liberia when the civil war started. What did they do? They only ensured that all American citizens were evacuated to safety so that the SHITHOLE Africans could cut themselves into short sleeves and long sleeves. These people masacre us at the least provacation.

If you are silent on this MILITARY BASE issue in Ghana, hoping that American soldiers will protect you in times of crisis, I’m deeply sorry for you. No American soldier’s life will be sacrificed for a SHITHOLE African like you!

We may be a poor country but we have got to be proud of ourselves. We are only poor because we have  leaders who are afraid of loosing bestowals from Western countries. 

If you are a citizen opposed the GITMO-2 but suddenly have no qualms with a US MILITARY BASE in Ghana, you are the kind of citizen this country does not need!

There comes a time in history when people must speak up for what is right and against what is wrong! In those moments, it takes good conscience and principles. It take patriotism and courage to stand in front if the ‘master’ an say no. H.E Nana Addo should say No to this ‘enhancing’ deal.

Let it not be said of you that you were in this country and you refused to speak up when it mattered most; when our sovereignty was being mortgaged!

Why should we allow another country to have access to security installations around our airport? Why should these people take the  law unto themselves while on our territory? Why should they have free access to our radio spectrum? Why should they bring in equipments in our country that we can’t inspect? Why will our leaders preach a Ghana Beyond Aid To Us and then Sell Out this cheap? 

How much is Newmont making from our Gold, GOPDC on our fertile land? These big Hotels? How does Wayomi owes us? How much was found in Opuni’s house? How much went into Geeda? Where is our diamond and bauxite? Are they not minerals again? What at all can $20m/anum do Ghana? That money can’t even feed the people of Accra for one month . 

Mr Government, please watch this your step very well. If you can’t help us, please don’t take our peace. 

The people of Seychelles on an island rejected even a $550m of similar deal from the Indians.http://brakopowers.com/2018/03/24/seychelles-rejects-550m-indian-military-deal/ but here we are in Ghana “the fatest growing economy in world” jumping on board for a $20m deal that will trade away our sovereignty as a nation and threatens also our security. 

When things go sour which we have history to relate, where will our women and children stand? Even our Military and Police won’t survive it when the U.S with their sophiscated lethal weapons decides to settle a score with the arm.

Personally, i admire H.E Nana Addo Dankwa and his respect for Democracy and Rule Of Law. I’m sure Nana will listen to the people and reconsider this deal. 

According the PRO of the interior ministry on Joy News Upfront, there are about 5 clauses in this deal that threatens our sovereignty within our own jurisdiction.https://youtu.be/6CwYNFaHrLo

Also Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso a security analyst recommends We come together as country and fight this national security threat. Because only together can we win this war. Not as NDC or NPP but together as Ghana.

The U.S ambassador to Ghana say we he is surprised we are not jubilating about sellin out for $20m. He claims $20m per year is a lot of money for Ghana. Poor us.

It’s a sad day for Ghana!

Oh Ghana!!

Why Ghana!!!


Lets Boycott this MilitaryBase thing for good.

 Let’s be Citizens 

God Bless Our Home Land Ghana


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